CEO Announcement

The AJ Group board announces the appointment of Eng. Hamzeh Awwad as AJ Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) effective immediately with responsibility for all operating companies of the AJ

Eng. Bisher will be Executive Chairman and will support and oversee
the overall group performance and guide strategy direction. Eng. Bisher will also be responsible for the daily operations of the AJ holding and investment companies. As AJ Group CEO Eng. Hamzeh will be responsible for the day-to-day leadership and management of the operating companies, and will be responsible for all decisionsaffecting performance, operations and implementation of the AJ Group strategy.

Eng. Bisher Jardaneh is proud of a career spanning more than 35 yearswith the AJ Group; he has held a succession of management positions,leading to being appointed Managing Director in 1998 and Executive Managing Director in 2010. In 2014 he was also appointed by the AJ board as Chairman.

Eng. Hamzeh Awwad joined the AJ Group in 2000 and has held multiple positions, and has also served as an AJ Group board member since 2014. Eng. Hamzeh is a civil engineer and has an MBA degree and a PMP Certificate from the Project Management Institution (PMI-USA). He is Managing Director of Arabtech Jardaneh International and of Arabtech Jardaneh Saudi. Eng. Hamzeh will effectively progress AJ Group strategy as a regional leading firm in the A/E sector. The appointment of Eng. Hamzeh as CEO will enhance the governance of the AJ Group and will be an opportunity to further  AJ Group achievements.